For the 9th consecutive year, the International Dance Festival «A Small Step» takes place on the island of Phaeacians, inviting artists and spectators to leave the rhythm and energy of dance art from July, 23.

The city of Corfu, from July 23 to August 4, is transformed into a platform for the communication of ideas, at a meeting and expression point.
Various performances of Greek or foreign artists and modern dance seminars take place during the Festival and the entrance is free.
For another year, the opportunity will be given to selected ones

dancers to work with established choreographers and to appear on stage in the context of performance.

«One Small Step» invites artists from famous dance groups to present their work and choreograph for the Festival.
Participating teams such as: Batsheva, Eastman (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui), Hofesh Shechter Company, Ultima Vez, Johannes Wieland and others.

In particular, Helder Seabra, Rachael Osborne, Ian Robinson, Sita Ostheimer, Christina Mertzani, Evangelos Poulinas, Lucio Baglivo, Victoria P. Miranda, Tracy Wong, Mao Wei will present performances and give seminars and masterclasses.

The festival exploits streets, squares, buildings of architectural interest, aiming to spread the approach range of contemporary dance, promoting the public space as an ideal place of expression of contemporary artistic creation.

«A small step» supports education by offering scholarships

In co-operation with the Anton Bruckner University of Linz and the professional school Sozo visions in motion in Germany, «One Step» offers 3 scholarships to excellent students to participate in performance projects and modern dance techniques. In collaboration with the International Dance Festival of Kalamata, it offers a scholarship at seminar participants to attend seminars on Corfu. In 14 amateur schools and dance studios in Corfu offers a scholarship to a student from each school and studio to attend one of «A Small Step» seminars
Artistic direction: Christina Mertzani and Evangelos Poulinas.

Location: Corfu (city)
Date: July 23 – August 4, 2018

Translation: Maria Zachariadou

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